10th anniversary

10th anniversary | Rizal Farok

today is the 10th anniversary of Ms Marvel Kamala Khan! her solo series was launched this date back in 2014 .. but i didn't actually buy it till about few months later.

when it was first announced, i thought to myself .. this is gonna be interesting. i was 50-50 on if it will succeed or not, and quietly kept an eye on it. when it was finally released, i read it online, and .. really loved issue 1. i was definitely not the target audience, but it resonated well with me. great writing, and awesome quirky artwork.

but it took me 3 issues before finally deciding to buy the hard copies. at that time, it has been years away from buying monthly floppies for me. i vividly remember that day, in the Teddington office, going "fugg it. i should head to the LCS store i know in the city, after work, and start collecting physical comic floppies again".

and in the following few years .. i shared my weekly comic adventures on Google+, along with my love for Ms Marvel Kamala Khan. i gained a huge following for my Kamala posts, and made actual real life friends. i even got to know the author and co-creator pretty well - who dubbed me "the OG (fanboy)".

the past few years though, i've stayed away from the "fandom limelight". but i still am a huge fan, and went nuts when the TV series came out.

so yeah. happy 10th anniversary Kamala! and if you all have always wondered about my profile photo, the inspiration came from this one panel of issue 2 .. focusing on the "embiggen fist" look.

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