Famous Amos Wisma

Famous Amos Wisma | Rizal Farok

this Famous Amos outlet at Wisma Atria still exists! that's like more than 30 years now! back in 94/95 during my TP Grange Rd days, we used to walk past here almost every single day .. either during lunch time, when skipping classes, or well .. on the way to meet someone at Taka "middle section" for a date.

we'd be walking from the MRT station through the underground walkway, and just about halfway through .. you can then start to smell the cookies. walking past the other day for the first time in ages, to have that familiar smell again was simply awesome.

so happy to see this outlet still going, especially after all this pandemic stuff. you should definitely check this outlet out (and of course, try the cookies) if you're ever in Singapore.

#Singapore #flashback