Felicia seizure

Felicia seizure | Rizal Farok

me and Chrissy (and Amel) were in the office today, Anzac Day. Chrissy wanted to finish up the contracts, and do her assignment. lunch time, we moved her car down to the basement, and she then went to grab a bite by herself.

what felt like hours not seeing her back, i was getting worried. rang her, no answer. messaged, no answer too.

still worried, i started to pack my bags to leave .. when she finally messaged back saying she suffered a seizure, and is currently in the ER.

i freaked out. wanted to know which hospital, but no reply again. rang Sandra, and messaged Nicole .. and then i went home first to drop my bag off.

after awhile, she messaged and rang back. Perth Royal Hospital ER. that was already about 430pm. but i decided to go be with her cos i just felt uneasy staying at home.

arrived, Nicole was already there, and we kept her company. Chrissy felt ok, but had to wait for a CT Scan to be done. Nicole left at about 8, and i stayed till they finally came about 10 to do the scan.

after, i stayed on, and was even ready to be there whole night .. until the nurse came along and said i had to go cos it still is considered a ward.

what. a. day.