i lost my job

i lost my job | Rizal Farok

9 years ago, this week .. i rocked up to work early like i always did at 7am. a few hours later, me and a bunch of my colleagues had to clear out our desks immediately. yeah, all the "original" staff members lost our jobs that day - this was me snapping a shot of my desk, while being watched over (yes, someone was there to make sure we cleared out, but he didn't dare say anything to me).

this post could easily be my Episode 1,2,3 to yesterday's 4,5,6 - i can write a lot here that would be controversial, but i won't. i'm posting this now for anyone who recently lost their jobs, maybe due to the current Covid-19 situation, or for whatever other reasons.

chin up. take some time off. recharge. go enjoy yourselves.

and then re-focus. i was fortunate to be matured and experienced enough back then to not worry. i already knew what i wanted to do - start my own web development company. and i made sure to always remind myself of the mistakes the previous company made, and to not repeat them. i learned from experience, and strived to do much better. and so far .. i think i've done pretty ok.

so yeah, if i can "recover" from being laid off, i'm sure you can too. i'm not telling you to go start your own company .. but stay positive, learn from your experience, and i'm sure things will work out.

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