IPS Malay Dance Eid 2023

IPS Malay Dance Eid 2023 | Rizal Farok

my niece managed to snap a photo with Ms Hany Soh, elected MP of Woodgrove (Marsiling - Yew Tee GRC), who sought her out after her Malay Dance group performance!

Innova Primary School, the school my niece attends, held the Woodgrove Riang Ria Aidilfitri earlier today - hence the IPS Malay Dance was invited to performed. my niece is the senior in the group, so of course i was there to support her.

watch on YouTube

Ms Hany was genuinely impressed with their performance, so during the photo session after the performance, she came over to join in the photos, and to speak to my niece.

and of course, as the proud uncle who knows no shame .. i asked if i could snap a photo of them together <grins>