new floorball stick

new floorball stick | Rizal Farok

i treated my eldest nephew to a new Floorball stick - an Oxdog Hyperlight HES 27. we got it from Jokasports, who is currently on their 3rd location over the last few years.

i'm not sure what's going on behind the scenes, but i do like how they will always have a staff who has good Floorball knowledge, to be able to help out with advice and suggestions. i also like how they make sure to set aside space for customers to try out available sticks with the help of some balls, a goal, and training gadgets.

in other words, i like how they run their business "on the outside" - such that even though they are now located in some "ulu" industrial area, customers are still flocking to their business - i actually had to shout across the building earlier to some peeps who were struggling to find this new location.

so yeah, hopefully they sort whatever obstacles they have behind the scenes, and be able to have a more permanent location for their store.