new Watford FC kit and coach

new Watford FC kit and coach | Rizal Farok

Design. lets talk non-web related design for a change. like .. football jersey design. my beloved Watford FC, a team i've supported since young during the days of Barnes and Blissett, recently released our new kit for the upcoming season (in the Championship unfortunately). i'm still not sure if i like or hate it, but .. i'm really trying to figure out the design.

were the Kelme designers going for a "we're going to sting you like the Hornets that we are" look. or, uhm .. "we're going to blind all our opponents back to the EPL" look?

whatever it is, i think i'll hold off on purchasing one for myself .. not just cos i'm still unsure of the design, but well, shipping costs plus delivery time in this current climate.

anyways. we also have our 99th coach, and he (may not still be) the 1. he looks really happy to be here though (read: all business, i like). and, like Watford Twitter-verse mentioned .. "we have a 100% record of going back to the EPL with Serbian coaches".

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