evacuation at 125

evacuation at 125 | Rizal Farok

first real evacuation at 125 Murray. but no major dramas really. when i heard the air con motor switching off at about 9++ .. i knew something was about to happen. and then the alarms went off. but no smoke, no smell, so everyone calmly evacuated down the stairs.

i then gathered with the rest of the 125 fire wardens by the lift where the fire room was, till the Fire & Rescue Service team arrived.

one thing lead to another, and i somehow became the "lead mangkuk" and assisted the 3 FES peeps in checking out the basement - while the rest of the wardens just stood and waited on G. but i was cool with that, since i was the only one who seemed to have a direct line to our building manager.

but so yeah. someone snapped one of the water pipes on G - there's works currently going on - and the water was just spilling over into the basement. FES peeps managed to turn it off after awhile .. and everyone got back into the building about 45 mins later (from when the alarms went off)

it had been a pretty quiet morning prior, so this was actually "good fun" for me .. getting to do, or be part of, a real emergency.

alos. i, uhm, found the female FES pretty hot in her fire suit.

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