Jade & Salma

Jade & Salma | Rizal Farok

Jade and Salma, taking over our first design meeting for the Subiaco AFC website, with the client. we've been a club sponsor since 2019, with our logo on the kits. but we're stepping it up this year by re-building their website.

i'm high on wanting my work placement students to be learning something useful. but it's not every day that the perfect opportunity comes along to have the chance to work on an actual client project, and gain valuable real-world experience.

we've been getting both to learn React, and i'm happy with their attitude towards learning it so far. so i felt comfortable to put them both on this project, since it will allow them to work on the design, and implement it in React - and told them of this opportunity last week.

to see them today with good questions prepared, and conducting themselves really well in front of the client .. well, i honestly feel like a proud parent!

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