Pod Co Coffee starter pack

Pod Co Coffee starter pack | Rizal Farok

i just got for the office, this starter pack from Pod Co Coffee. aiming to be more eco-friendly at BlueSky, i've been doing my research on biodegradable & compostable pods that are compatible with our Nespresso machine.

found some "cheap" ones at Woolies a few weeks back, but they were pretty bad - not really the taste, but the pods themselves. they get stuck easily, and sometimes you hardly get any coffee at all.

so i went through my notes again, and ordered these from Pod Co. they arrived today at work, and the first pack i opened up .. that wonderful whiff of cafe coffee hit my nose. i remembered telling myself, this should be good.

and they were!

pods were well made, and the taste was good. now, i'll just wait for the verdict from the team, and we might just stick to Pod Co for our coffee pods from now on.

Pod Co

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